What To Wear To The Airport

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So the big question is, what should you wear to the airport and why should you do it?

Obviously, dirty sneakers, shirts with holes, and sweatpants are acceptable and if that’s what you want to wear, go for it, however I like to say luck favors the prepared and if you’re dressed up at the airport, it can still have a number of advantages. Now the easy thing is because everyone else is so dressed down, you can just get a rather casual ensemble that makes you immediately stand out from the crowd.

The other reason you want to dress up when you fly is that your luggage can get lost. That happened to me just last year on the way to my best friend’s wedding where I was the best man. If I had not worn a nice pair of pants that would actually fit me, I would not have been able to attend that wedding without looking like a complete douchebag.

So what are the specific pieces you should wear when traveling?

I would say find a compromise between comfort, functionality, and stylishness.

First, let’s start with the jacket. I always wear a jacket when I travel because I can easily take it off, maybe use it as a blanket, or just have an additional layer to keep me warm because you never know how hot or cold it’s going to be on a plane. I like a very unstructured jacket that is extremely comfortable, no shoulder padding at all, and something that you can just throw into the corner that doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Next up is the shirt. I try to go with a dress shirt, in this case, I am wearing a button-down collar shirt because it doesn’t require a necktie and it is made out of a fabric that is very hard-wearing.You definitely always want long sleeves but avoid French cuffs because the metal may set off the metal detector, you may have to go through stuff again and it’s just annoying. Another really great option for air travel is a long sleeve polo shirt, specifically, a white one. Now if I go on a longer trip, I always either wear a tie because my luggage can get lost or I try to wear a bow tie or keep one in my pocket because that can be a lifesaver if I need to go to a more formal occasion later on.

In terms of shoes, of course, I go with leather that matches the belt but in the airport travel case, I usually opt for a loafer. It could either be a penny loafer it could be a Gucci loafer. Alternatively, you can also go with a monk strap shoe but opt for something that comes off easily and quickly so no laced derbies or Oxfords.

For pants, I like something that is easily washable so usually, I don’t opt for wool dress pants instead, I go with cotton chinos and khaki because they are very neutral, can be combined with a lot, and they can be easily washed if I stain them along the way. Alternatively, during the warmer months of the year, I really like seersucker because it’s very lightweight, it’s comfortable to travel in yet it doesn’t wrinkle very easily and always looks neat.

If you’re on really long flights, I suggest you invest in a pair of over the calf compression socks because it compresses your veins and makes sure the blood keeps flowing and you don’t end up with a blood clot that might be lethal. That’s especially true if you’re an older gentleman; if you’re younger and you don’t worry about it, I still suggest wearing some nice over the calf socks I particularly like the shadow striped socks from Fort Belvedere because they’re easy to combine, they’re always stylish, and provide a nice contrast between your pants and your shoes.

In terms of a carry-on, I usually bring a computer bag which also contains my camera and all the stuff I need and if I don’t check luggage, I bring a carry-on with really good wheels that is stable enough so I can put my bag on top of it and just maneuver the airport and the cities I am in very easily.
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