Traveling With Type 1 Diabetes

Just a few tips/ pieces of advice for anyone who has Type 1 Diabetes and wants to travel. Not a lot of people know this about me because I generally keep it to myself, but I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 15 years old. Over the past three years I’ve traveled to 18 countries and had to learn how to keep things in check while being on the go for as many as 5 weeks at a time, so I decided to make this video for those want to travel but may be nervous due to having this disease.

If you don’t know much about Type 1 Diabetes, I give a brief rundown on the differences between Type 1 and type 2, as their is usually a bit of confusion.

I hope that this video can at least help one of you to prepare better for travel, spark an interest in traveling or at least give those of you that didn’t have much of an understanding on Type 1 Diabetes a quick little education.

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