Traveling Soon: 8 Ways to NOT Get Sick

In today’s video I am sharing travel tips to help you not get sick when you travel on an airplane. Being in close contact with the flu, the Coronavirus, and other illnesses could infect you, but airlines have taken precautions. You can do your part to not get sick when you travel as well.
The top five things you can do to prevent getting the flu or other illness are number one: wash your hands often with soap. If you cannot get soap, use alcohol-based gel. The State Department issued a Level 4: Do Not Travel to China alert. Level 4 is the State Department’s highest alert level for travel.
Number two is touch your eyes, nose or mouth as seldom as you can.
Number three is to cover sneezes and coughs with your elbow and not your hand.
The Coronavirus poses a serious public health threat. The United States Department of Health and Human Services called this coronavirus a public health emergency. #coronavirus #covid_2019 #traveltips

For travelers from CDC

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S.T.E.P. (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program)

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