Top 20 HOT Destinations

These are my 20 Top Hot Destinations from all of my travel adventures around the world. From Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia travel, here are some of the best destinations in the world to get a little travel inspiration for your next adventures in 2019.

Videos behind each destination
1. Yasawa Fiji
2. Lisbon
3. Oahu
4. Koh Mak
Complete Guide
5. Marrakesh Part 1
Part 2
6. Cusco
7. Quintana Roo
8. Romblon
Complete Guide
9. Yukon (Winter)
10. Java
11. Raja Ampat
12. Bali
Complete guide
13. Dubai
14. Puerto Rico
15. San Blas D1Q3siapFsM
16. Coron
Complete Guide
17. Rottnest Island
18. Siargao
Complete Guide
19. Lagos
20. Hoi An

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