Top 20 BEST Travel Destinations For 2020

These are the Top 20 BEST places you HAVE to visit in 2020. In this, the first episode of my new show World’s Best, I bring you 20 of my top picks for the year. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you think I’m missing anything.



It’s 2020! And I’m going to tell you where to go this year.

So kicking us off at number 20 it’s Tenerife. With miles of beautiful beaches, year-round sun and an epic volcano that will quite literally take your breath away! It’s no surprise us Brits love this place year after year.

And at 19 it’s Cape Verde. This West African archipelago comes with white sand beaches and turquoise waters and is only 6 hours from London with no jet lag. Quite literally the perfect winter getaway.

At 18 it’s Cancún which is famous for its colourful nightlife. But if you drive 2 hours down to Tulum you’ll find amazing Mexican culture, real Mexican food and nature in all its glory.

At 17 it’s Belgium’s undiscovered gem, Ghent. Just half an hour from Bruges and must less touristy but just as beautiful.

At 16 it’s Cyprus which is so much more than just a beach holiday. Head here and you’ll get mountains, sea, city and history all within a 2 hour drive from each other.

Last year Uzbekistan relaxed its visa requirements which means that British passport holders can now visit for 5 days visa-free. With only a thousand Brits going every year there couldn’t be a better time to visit this fascinating place.

At 14 it’s Rotterdam which is Amsterdam’s cooler, younger brother. And in 2020 they’ll be hosting the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

At 13 it’s Egypt which has year-round sun and a captivating culture that’s rich in history. I like it for 2020 because it’s a Brexit-proof destination.

At 12 it’s Fuerteventura, another one of the Canary Islands that offers year-round sun. I recommend heading there in November for the International Kite Festival that fills the sky with colour every year.

At 11 it’s Amorgos, one of the Greek islands. So with mass tourism becoming a little bit of an issue these days I like this one because there’s no airport, which means fewer tourists.

And in at number 10 it’s Dubai, which is not only a classic winter sun hot spot it’s also hosting the 2020 World Expo with themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

At number 9 it’s Aruba. In 2020 Aruba are putting a complete ban on all single-use plastic, making it the Caribbean’s leading environmentally aware nation and a brilliant reason to visit this year.

At number 8 it’s Somerset. Three reasons; Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary, beautiful countryside, and The Wave – the UK’s first ever inland surfing lake.

At number 7 it’s Akureyri in Iceland. And yes, Iceland has been very popular in the past few years but most of the tourism has been in the south. If you want that old-school wilderness experience head to Iceland’s second-largest city in the north.

And at number 6 it’s Lebanon because last year the British Foreign Office changed its travel advice to say that Lebanon was now safe for tourists to enter. This means there’s more tour operators offering exciting itineraries for 2020 and Lebanon is eager to share its unique culture and amazing food with the world.

And rolling into the top 5 it’s Bhutan. This small country in the Himalayan mountains follows a high-value, low-impact tourism policy to protect its environment and the people who live there. Tourists are required to pay a daily fee which goes back into the economy to help local people. The result is that Bhutan is one of the few places left that is free from the ravages of global tourism.

Making it to number 4 is Trento, one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Situated in the north, close to the Austrian border, you’re just a short drive away from the snow-capped Dolomites and the beautiful Lake Garda.

And we’ve made it to the top 3. In at number 3 it’s Barbados. Growing fast in recent years with British tourists, its blend of home comforts and blazing sunshine see it take one of my top spots. And for good reason, it’s a perfect winter sun break.

In at number 2 it’s Turkey. Tourism is on a comeback in Turkey and for 2020 BA have announced a new 6-times-per-week route from Gatwick to holiday hotspot Antalya. But if a city break is more your thing then uber-cool capital Istanbul is a great cultural centre where east meets west.

Ok here it is, my number one place to visit in 2020 is. But first, subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss an episode of World’s Best. Ok, in at number 1.

Wildly exotic yet astoundingly easy to navigate, this Brexit-proof country has a unique and winning combination that makes it my number 1 place to head to in 2020. Of course, It’s Japan.

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