Top 10 Travel Tips for New Business Travelers

Thanks for watching! I am a Solutions Architect for a big tech company and that requires me to travel almost weekly. With all that travel I have learned some thinks that I think can help the new business traveler or someone who just wants to learn more about how to travel and stay vigilant!

I am a Southwest Airlines A-List member and also a Marriott Gold member. By the end of the year I should be at companion pass with Southwest and Platinum with Marriott. I also use TSA Pre Check and love it.

Tipping is very localized but I get into who you should tip in this video. Should I tip housekeeping? That is a question a lot of people ask. Yes! They have to make your bed.

Also staying safe while you travel is most important. Be vigilant!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. Safe travels!

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