If your are traveling to Florida, or are already here and need a little more information and tips about Florida…we hope to fill you in on some things that you might not know about or more fun things to do while in Florida!


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⬇ Suggested Packing/Items List ⬇
1. LIGHT SWEATER (only 1 necessary), and just to forewarn you…the ac is ALWAYS jacked up high, so sitting inside a restaurant or inside a building, you might get a little cold.

2. Pair of JEANS/CAPRIS (only 1 necessary for ‘winter’)

3. SPF- Ocean/ Reef safe SPF 50 – Loved the smell, does NOT give you that ‘burning’ sensation, water resistant up to 80 minutes, and most importantly, OCEAN FRIENDLY!

4. BUG SPRAY – During the ‘winter’ months, the bugs are pretty much nonexistent (accept when you go deep in the everglades), but during the summer, the bugs are out. Really the only bugs that we notice are the mosquitos. We NEVER had issues with mosquitoes in the city, but when we are near wooded areas, out at night (in the suburbs), and sometimes on the beach (no-see-them bugs) but very very very rarely. We started using this bug spray because it doesn’t have that nasty smell (like a bug lol).

4k, amazing shots in and out of water….we literally never leave anywhere without this beauty, and of course our fixtures for it,
An excellent alternative, if you want to save your pennies, we also brought a water proof phone case, this thing is ALWAYS used by our son & his phone, especially living in Florida!

6. Take a BACKPACK/SMALL BAG with some water and a few snacks, if out and about! We were SO grateful for bringing just these few items, time flies when you are exploring beautiful Florida….its easy to loose track of time!

7. SPF Chapstick… Don’t worry, you can find this EVERYWHERE in FL if you forget to bring it!

8. SNORKEL MASKS -This one is small enough to fit my small head and big enough to fit our sons large head. With the recent Corona Virus going around…having your own mask for the incredibly beautiful water and a bazillion pools, you will be happy to have your own!

9. TWO PAIRS of sunglasses – not sure if its just a me thing, but somehow, something ALWAYS happens to my ONE pair of sunglasses that I bring…so a back up pair is always necessary, unless you want to buy a new set (which Florida has an over abundance)

10. WATER FLIPPERS for travel (size matters, fit perfectly in your carry-on!!) – I (Ashley) wear a size 7.5 in Dodger Blue, and ended up ordering a size small/medium, and they fit all three of us (the hubbs and kiddo are a size 10)

11. SPF Shirts – We ALWAYS wear these, especially when we are going out on the water. The Florida sunshine is intense…so don’t get burned like a lobster your first day here in FL! We of course like our NEW GEAR Adventure Encounters custom SPF shirts: and… we swear by Columbia, super light, quick to dry, and protect perfectly! Nate & Blake’s preference (mens) , my preference (womens)

12. COMFY SHOES- There is seriously SO SO SO much to see and do in Florida, and trust me when I say, a pair of COMFY walking shoes IS a necessity!

13. FOR THE LADIES- If you a going to do a lot of walking and like to wear short shorts, chafing is a real thing! Either bring/wear Bermuda shorts, or if you want to wear short shorts like me and know there is a possibility that your shorts might get wet (theme parks, beach, natural springs), I always use Body Glide (especially when I’m jogging in this crazy heat). I can’t stand chafing, and I would assume you don’t like it either lol.

14. A FEW BAGGIES- This, of course, is to collect some of that beautiful sand to take home with you…reminding you to visit FL more often…and for putting your wet bathing suits in, for when you are headed home and they are still wet.


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