Actually the following courses are offered by the training centre:

Travel Operations, Eco-Tourism, Food & Beverage sales & service, Clearing & Forwarding, Culinary art, Languages and Computer courses.

Students are divided into groups:

1 morning sessions from 08h30′ to 12h30′

1 afternoon session from 14h00′ to 18h00′

1 evening session from 18h00′ to 20h00′


Travel Centre offers various short and medium courses leading to Diploma and Certificate awards as indicated below: For those who wish to pursue an associate degree program after completion of A1 diploma; are recommended to join Air Travel & Related Studies Centre in Nairobi, Kenya our Partner in Education and other high learning institutions related to Tourism and Hospitality industry.


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Language: English

Certificate of Completion

Price: 240 000 FRW


The intakes are scheduled in January, April, July and October of each year.

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Training Program

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When You Graduate, You’ll Be Able To:

The graduates in Travel Operations course will be able to work: -In Airlines as Sales Clerk, Reservations Clerk or Customer Service (airport) -In Travel agencies or Tour agencies -In Non Governmental Organizations -In the public institutions as protocol agents in charge of reservation and purchase of air tickets For other staffs.

The graduates in Eco-Tourism course will be able to work: -In Tour Companies as Tour Guides -In Travel agencies as Tour officer -In Environmental bodies as conservationists etc..

The graduates in Food & Beverage Sales and Service course will be able to work: -In Hotels or Restaurants as Supervisor of Stewards or Stewardesses -In other places related to hospitality industry.

The graduates in Culinary Art course will be able to work: -In Hotels, country clubs, health spas, leisure complexes and restaurants where contact with customers from different cultures is the major factor as Supervisor of the kitchen. -In other places related to food industry

The graduates in Air Cargo handling course will be able to work: -In the cargo agencies as Clearing & Forwarding Agents -In NGOs or Public sectors as Logistic. / Procurement Officers. -At the airports as airport customer services managers.

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The intakes are scheduled in January, April, July and October of each year.