Open Your Air Vent on a Plane and 8 Useful

How to protect yourself from a virus when flying? A plane cabin is a small closed space with dozens of people in it. So no wonder that you can catch a virus from a sick person. During the flight, you get attacked by all those bacteria that each of the passengers brings with them.

Besides, it’s always either too hot or too cold inside airplanes, and it looks like those air vents above the seats are made just to blow us away or at least make us catch a draft. Well, if you usually shut them, you’ll be interested to know that it’s quite the opposite.

What can you do to protect yourself from a virus? 1:19
What you’d better not do onboard the plane:
– Don’t eat food that has fallen on a tray table 2:32
– Don’t use blankets 2:56
– Don’t touch the flush button 3:10
– Don’t fall asleep at the window 3:23
– Wear jeans or trousers and not shorts 3:41
– Don’t put any food into the pocket of the seat 4:08
– A seatbelt is another very dirty thing in the cabin 4:25
– Seats closer to windows are dirtier than those in the aisle 4:35
– Don’t wear contacts 4:52
Why the air is so dry inside the cabin 5:59

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