Minimalist Packing Tips

Here are minimalist packing tips for your travels. You can pack fewer, lightweight items along with your essentials. Minimalist packing will help you declutter that suitcase by making you think in an organized way. I want to pack accessories, makeup, outfits, and other travel essentials that are high quality, helpful for my trip, affordable but worth it and worth the space in my bag. #lilysilk #foreveryday #LiveSpectacularly #christmas #xmas #merrychristmas #christmasmood #christmaslook #christmassale #christmasgifts #traveltips

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01:09 Number 1 Tip
01:32 Packing Tip 2
04:46 Tip for Eye mask
05:42 Pack Makeup Tip
06:00 Toiletries Packing Tip
07:05 Packing Shoes Tip
07:24 Jewelry Packing Tip
08:00 Minimalist Tip for Outfits

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