How to Travel Alone: Solo Travel Tips + Safety Advice

How to Travel Alone: Solo Travel Tips. In case you didn’t know, I’m a flight attendant and I travel a tonnnnn! I mostly go out exploring on my own in the cities and countries I visit. Here I share my top tips on how to travel safe and smart. I love to hear from you guys and learn new things so please share your tips in the comments for all of us!

Solo travel is becoming more and more of the thing to do! Your friends can’t get the same time off as you, or it’s too expensive for them to vacation in those exotic locations, yet you still want to see the world. What do you do? Hit the road solo! Maybe you are looking for a transformative eat, pray, love journey or perhaps you don’t want to hassle with other peoples itineraries.

This advice is good for domestic and international travel. Whether you are in the car, on a plane or live the van life, these basic skills will keep you safe and having fun.

On your journeys solo travel safety should be your number one priority! In this video I give you some obvious and maybe not so obvious solo travel hacks for the solo female traveler.

Comment below and let me know what are some tips that we can all use when traveling solo!

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