Airport Travel Tips: 20 Things to Know Before You Fly

20 tips to help you have a calm and stress free experience on your next trip through an Airport. Air travel can be a hectic and miserable experience for inexperienced travelers. But if you know the tricks of the frequent flier you’ll be able to relax and not be stressed about your trip.

1 – Check in online

2 – Print your boarding pass AND itinerary

3 – Check your flight status before going
Know what terminal you are leaving from and what airline to check in with
Subscribe for flight updates

4 – Download the mobile app for your airline

5 – Bring an empty bottle for water

6 – Get to the airport early

7 – Consider arriving at the airport on the “Arrivals” level

8 – Parking at the airport? Take a picture of your parking spot.

9 – Look at the airport monitor when you get there

10 – Get in the best line to “check in”
Self check in, status, class of service

11 – Hungry? Figure out where food is before security

12 – Get in the best security line
Sometimes it’s not the closest
If lines are long might be worthwhile to go to another terminal
Status, class, short connection

13 – Security tips:
Wear easy to take off shoes
No metal on your clothes
No big belt buckles, no jewelry
Put all your metal in your bag before you get in line
Keep all your liquids together in an easy to access spot
Same for electronics
Pre Check – Global Entry
Did you get the SSSS boarding pass? Prepare for extra screening
Be nice, they are just doing their job

14 – Check the airport monitor again – and regularly

15 – Fill up your water bottle, buy food

16 – Go to the restroom

17 – Lots of time before you flight?
Relax in the lounge
Go for a walk

18 – Get to your gate 15 minutes before boarding time
Sometimes gates change, it might be a long walk to the new gate
Check the monitor on the gate to make sure it hasn’t moved

19 – Get your “plane stuff” ready so once you are on board it’s easy to take out what you need

20 – Flight delayed, cancelled?

Don’t just wait like a sheep at the gate line
1 – Call the airline while you are standing in line
2 – Use the mobile app to rebook
3 – Self service kiosks in the airport
4 – Agents in the lounge if you have lounge access
5 – Go back to the front ticket counters

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