• History
  • Mission
  • Targeted People
  • Accreditation
Travel Centre was the first professional training centre of this kind in Tourism and Hotel Industry established in 1996 in Rwanda. The Training centre had a vision of providing professional training leading to career development and self employment to Rwandese and citizens of neighboring countries. The promoter of Travel Centre – Mr. Gacumbitsi Froduald- with his long career in the airlines and travel businesses thought that it was a good idea to start a professional training in Rwanda as this type of education was being offered in neighboring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Also he thought that providing training to Rwandese was a good idea to bring them together because their heart were broken as consequences of genocide of Tutsis in 1994.
The centre’s mission is to enhance professionalism and improve standards in the field of Conservation of Environment, Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Industry, and Air Cargo handling services through training, consultancy services and innovation.
Travel Centre is targeting mainly all residents who need the required skills for career development or self-employment in the Tourism industry. At the centre, they learn the required skills on how to provide good services to the clients in the Airlines, Travel agencies, Tour companies, Hotels, Freight agencies, Organizations of conservation or other NGOs and public sectors where they are needed.
In the past, Travel Centre was recognized by: -Ministry of Public Work and Labor (MIFOTRA) -Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MINICOM). Currently, it is recognized by: -Workforce Development Authority (WDA) with reference number: WDA/809/2013 -Rwanda Development Board ( RDB) with TIN number : 102896622

Project Objectives

  1. -To train as many students as possible in tourism and hotel management
  2. -To make research and improve on the teaching materials those are relevant to the courses
  3. -To create job opportunities for job seekers and career development for employed staffs
  4. -To promote the tourism and hotel industry through proper training of high–tech and high-touch skills
  5. -To participate in all activities aimed at developing tourism in Rwanda
  6. -To become a major training institution serving the great lakes region
  7. -To offer consultancy to our graduates or peoples who need to start small income generating projects
  8.   such as restaurant, travel agency, tour agency and clearing & forwarding agency.


The Professional training institution “Travel Centre” was inaugurated in July 1996. It started with 10 students who were taking Travel Operation course. At the end of 2017, the number of graduates reached 819. Out of this figure, 56 graduates obtained their International Diplomas. 96% of them are working in airlines, hotels, restaurants, travel agency, tour companies, and cargo agencies, while 2% are absorbed by NGOs and parastatal institutions. Other 17 graduates started their own travel agencies and tour companies.