9 Travel Safety Tips (Traveling Alone or to Europe)

I’m sharing 9 Travel Safety Tips. Whether you are traveling alone, with a tour company or traveling to Europe, these 9 tips for safety on your vacation to any destination will help. I will discuss RFID technology, I will discuss travel safety apps and more. Travelers worried about pickpocketers can benefit from these safety tips while traveling. #traveltips #travelsafety #solotraveler

Things I Mentioned:
STEP Program: www.step.state.gov/step/

RFID Article: https://losspreventionmedia.com/insider/loss-prevention-technology/rfid-wallets-are-they-necessary/

Passport Article: afar.com https://www.afar.com/magazine/the-decrypted-truth-about-the-security-of-your-passport

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