4 Packing Makeup Tips for Travel (In a Carryon Suitcase)

With these 4 packing tips for makeup I will share how I pack makeup for airline travel. These packing tips will help you maximize space in your carryon suitcase. I will show you the makeup that I actually pack and why I choose that makeup for travel. I will briefly share some makeup brush packing tips as well. If you travel for work, you will love the makeup brush travel hack. Stick around to the end to hear 3 makeup travel hacks.
When I travel, I pack a limited amount of makeup as well as makeup brushes. But I think my packing methods will help you when you are packing your bag or toiletry bag. For packing makeup tip #1 let’s use Marie Kondo’s motto of being intentional with our choices. What makeup will you wear when you travel? #packingmakeup #howtopackmakeup #makeuptips #packingtips

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