10 TIPS For Traveling ALONE on the GREYHOUND BUS

If you are planning a trip on the Greyhound bus and you are going to be traveling alone then you probably have some concerns. You have probably heard all the Greyhound bus horror stories and you are wondering if it is safe to travel on Greyhound by yourself.

First off, let me just say that it definitely is safe to travel on the Greyhound bus alone. Thousands of people do it every day and they make it to their destinations just fine. I personally have taken dozens of solo trips on Greyhound and no physical harm has ever befallen me.

However, in all honesty, there are some interesting people who ride and hang out around Greyhound and there is the chance that something could happen to you and your belongings. So I wanted to make this video and share 10 tips that will ensure that nothing bad happens to you while you are riding the Greyhound bus.

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