10 Money Saving Tips When Traveling to Las Vegas Budget

Top 10 Money saving tips when you are traveling to Las Vegas. In this video I give you my personal advice on how to save money on your Vegas trip. Use this money saving guide to budget your cash on your vacation. Remember, any money you save, can just be spent gambling 🙂

00:00 – Intro to Money Saving Tips
01:09 – Book Directly Through Hotel
02:15 – Get a Member Rewards Card
02:49 – Re-check Room Rates Frequently
05:00 – You Can Pack Alcohol
06:53 – Stay at Hotels With Food Courts
08:48 – Find Out Happy Hour Times
09:44 – Stay Close To Your Trip Plans
10:44 – Utilize Free/Cheap Transportation
11:59 – 50/50 Walking/Paid Rides
12:39 – Pack Necessary Items
14:07 – Outro to Money Saving Tips

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